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In The Key Magazine is a brand new editorial, that brings you articles on a wide range of subjects that have their base in music, mostly written by musicians and radio hosts.


Andy Rogers, musician and presenter at One World Music Radio will bring you articles on World Music, taking the fear factor away.

Swagata “Ban” Banerjee from Ban Brothers focuses on the art, craft, business and advocacy of songwriting in particular, and music in general.

Bruce Gall hosts the longest running show on One World Music Radio, Atmospheres, and here, he will be bringing you information and what's happening in Electronic Music field.

Darlene Koldenhoven, M.M.V., B.M.Ed., APP, NLP, GRAMMY,® Indie Music Hall of Fame, will be bringing you articles on music for healing.

Musician Dave Bessell will be bringing you articles on the changing role of musicians.

Native American musician Jan Michael Looking Wolf will be looking at Indiginous traditions and how they are relative to modern life in music.

Pianist Kerry Barnes will be writing about differnt Classical musicians.

Vocalist Natalie Jean will be giving information to help the new artist, and what they need to do to get noticed.

Steve Sheppard, CEO and Owner of One World Music Radio is our senior staff journalist, he will be bringing you a range of articles on a variety of subjects, these will include news about new releases, interviews and much more.

Musician Valerie Romanoff will be writing about music and healing, especially the vibrational properties of music.

Our Poet in residence, Emma Thacker will be bringing you poetry inspired by music.

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